The story of the Univac, the author

The author.

I'm Jan Lindeboom, now living in Leeuwarden in The Netherlands. During this project I lived in Dordrecht and the computer was located in my school, the Christiaan Huygensschool in Rotterdam. After finishing at this school I continued my education for a higher degree in electronics, but since I was used to working autonomously, I did not fit in a school-system anymore, so I left early and I trained myself in programming microprocessors. I worked for Holland Automation International Limited in Dordrecht, where I programmed appli­cations and later system-utilities and operating systems (HAI-Basic). The last programs I wrote were accounting-packages. In 1983 I had a severe accident. While hang-gliding in Wales I crashed and damaged the right frontal lobe of my brain. In this accident I damaged my personal hardware which I needed to write complicated structured programs, due to the fact that I lost my ability to think spatially. Also I became chaotic. I tried several times to use my skills in simple projects and with much effort I succeeded in building some business-applications, but never succeeded in staying employed for a longer period. However, in the beginning of this century I found that EEG-Neuro-Feedback-training could improve my health. The psychologist
Dr. Ben Reitsma trained me for a year (2003) and my personality recovered importantly. It was great to experience in this training, that it were his computers that taught me to use my brain in a better way.

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